Death Go Society arrive at a meet-and-greet at Metro Jewelers The Gold Teeth Specialists July 27 in Columbia, S.C. More that thirty creative souls are dedicated to a brotherhood, with an assembly of musicians, rappers, producers and DJs. The group named themselves Death Go Society. A new label under the leadership of producer Chill Go… Read More


Jacksonville Florida was a major success. Each attendee learned the steps it takes to start their own Gold Teeth making shop or mobile company from entrepreneur and jeweler to some of hip-hop’s biggest names: Dave-the-Jeweler. There will be more opportunities to join us for a workshop or seminar. Our next seminar is in Florida and… Read More


The Gold Teeth Specialist are exited to promote their custom jewelry collection. Call them or send them any design and you could be wearing your creation in no time. Check out a few of these designs and tell us what you think. Visit us on instagram @goldteethspecialist… Read More

                  The Gold Teeth Specialist are hitting the road this summer for exclusive two-day seminars and workshops. Seminar Schedule Check In: 9:00 a.m. – 10 a.m. Program: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Cancellations & Substitutions Substitutions may be made to another program of your choice scheduled within… Read More

Gold Teeth Specialist support national metalsmith with our seminars and workshops which share the trade-secrets of gold teeth making. THE GOLD TEETH SPECIALIST ARE A NATIONAL AMERICAN BRAND, SERVING THE COMMUNITY FOR MORE THAN A DEADE  … Read More


  Join the Gold Teeth Specialist team in Jacksonville Florida; June 7-18 2017 for a 16 hour Workshop and Seminar. Our Goldsmithing Workshop will feature live demonstrations making gold teeth, onsite training, marketing workshops and more. Meet Entrepreneur and business owner Dave the Jeweler; jeweler to stars; and stay for an intimate Q & A. See… Read More