Death Go Society arrive at a meet-and-greet at Metro Jewelers The Gold Teeth Specialists July 27 in Columbia, S.C. More that thirty creative souls are dedicated to a brotherhood, with an assembly of musicians, rappers, producers and DJs.

The group named themselves Death Go Society. A new label under the leadership of producer Chill Go Hard and Moviee. 29-year-old hip-hop artist. The title is spin-off the word death-row, much like one of hip hop’s most famed labels: Death Row Records. But, what does it mean?

“We are trying to graduate from the negative things that go along with being in the hood, through doing something positive. We are escaping death,” said Moviee, CEO of the Label, Death Go Society. Eventually, the group will move into a more private recording studio in South Carolina in hopes to support its large group.

“A studio session is loud and super lit. That vibe keeps us creating,” said Moviee who mentioned that their group has recorded in Atlanta as well as South Carolina.

In the span of five months, The group has released two mixed tapes. On 7-7-17, the groups first mixed -tape project was titled Built off Loyalty. Death Before Dishonor is the first song on the mixed tape.