Gold Teeth Specialist has been providing the greater Charlotte, NC area with beautiful dental jewelry and accessories since 2014.

Years ago, gold was used for filling cavities, for crowns and for other purposes. These were ancient times. Nowadays, gold teeth and also commonly known as ‘grillz’ can be worn as an accessory.  The word ‘grillz’ gained its popularity after a famous rap artist, Nelly, released a rap single ‘Grillz’. The rap song promotes the gold teeth or gold grillz. Some people wear gold grillz as a status symbol, a symbol of wealth.

The gold is hammered or pressed permanently out of shape without breaking or cracking, it is nearly immune to corrosion and it is hard enough to form a biting surface that can be used for years. Gold was used even before silver became available and has continued to be used for specialized purposes.

Grillz have become a popular or high fashion in hip hop in the United States. Depending on the rapper or musician, they have had their gold teeth permanently attached to their existing teeth while others buy removable gold teeth caps.  No matter the vision of your custom gold grill, we can design one to match your style and budget.  Call us at (404)274-3308 or come by to see us.

Please feel free to call us to book a 2 or 3 day course as well as ask about financing the equipment as well as the course. Once you graduate this 2 to 3 day course making grillz,  you will be able to offer your clients “Same Day Service”, and also offer them the best looking gold teeth Grillz and the fastest time possible too. Sign up for a training course here!