gold teethGrillz are not a 21st century fad. In fact, gold fronts have been around for centuries. There are many rumors going around that the first sets of gold grillz were in Egypt. This has been proven false. A group of ancient people called the Etruscans were the first documented civilization to have made and worn some of the first gold grillz.

The Etruscans lived in Italy from around 800BC. Discoveries of these ancient real gold grillz were discovered around the 1800s. Not only did they find gold teeth, but they also found teeth woven together with thick golden wires and bands. Etruscan women used real gold grillz as a status symbol of their wealth and equality in society. Gold teeth eventually fell out fashion when the Etruscans were conquered by the Romans.

Mayans began to use grillz around 300AD. Most of their grillz were made of Jade, which was a precious stone to the Mayan culture. The more translucent the jade, the higher your status was in society. When the Mayans were conquered by the Spanish in the 1500s grillz disappeared.

Around 1300 AD gold teeth became a trend in the Philippines. Their Creator of the Melu, was believed to have gold teeth. Filipinos began to decorate their teeth in gold so they could feel closer to their gods and receive cosmological powers.

Gold teeth came back into popularity in the Americas around the 1800s down south in Charlotte, NC all the way out San Francisco.  People can now become gold grillz reps and extend the gold teeth style in their city or town.  Your mouth was great place to keep your valuable gold. (Perhaps this is where the phrase “Put your money where your mouth is.” came from?)

From NYC to Charlotte, NC grillz have once again become a status of success, wealth and power. Grillz are no longer just gold fronts. Many are now adorned with diamonds and other precious gemstones.