gold grillsWhat are ‘Grillz’?  Well first of all, the word ‘Grillz’ became more popular after the rap artist ‘Nelly’ came out with a top chart record titled ‘Grillz’.  The song promotes the gold teeth and how he changes them out daily.  Little did Nelly know that he was going to start a trend and make a mark in the gold grillz.  Sure Nelly mentions in the song that he may be starting an epidemic with these mouth grills, but did he really know or understand to what extent and did he really think they were going to become this popular?

Whatever the case, you can go from East Coast to West Coast and South to North you will find people enjoying and styling their grillz.  Some see it as a status others see it as an art.  These are real gold grillz.  You can find custom grillz in diamonds, gold and white gold.  Depending on the design, mold and gold, the mouth grills can be custom made to fit your teeth and in a lot of cases to fit that individual’s budget.  So you see, when people are ready to buy a custom gold fronts or bottom teeth grills, they are letting you know they came prepared to make a statement.

The more complex and the more gold the design requires, of course the more expensive.  But, does that really matter, when you’re trying to make a statement.  The statement that you got it going on.  That you financial able to afford a real gold grillz to fit your mouth.  Grill teeth are removable but there are custom grillz that are permanent.