buy gold teeth in real goldGold teeth were most popular as dental prostheses in the early 1900’s or as early as we can remember.  Do you recall watching a Western movie where people ‘blinged’ out a smile?

It’s wasn’t until the early 1980s that people began using them as tooth or mouth coverings.  Most people are not actually replacing their teeth with gold teeth or filling in gaps but rather covering their own teeth with gold teeth grillz.  When they get gold fronts or grillz they can easily remove them as they like.

The customization of real gold grillz and grillz in general have been growing in popularity.  Since grillz are removable, people of all statuses can order their grillz.  Some have been adding their own twist to the molding by adding diamonds and other workable stone.  They have gotten so creative that you would think it’s a competition to see who has the best mouth grillz.  Besides being an art, it’s a status thing.

Crown Jewelers have worked on 100s of removable gold teeth grillz.  Real gold grillz and gold fronts can give people bragging rights from Charlotte NC to New York City.

Since gold is easy to shape, it won’t corrode and it tends to have a hardness comparable to natural teeth, it’s been the perfect filling or the perfect substance to use for the sake of replacement teeth.

In many parts of the world, gold teeth constitute a major status symbol. In Central Asia and Eastern Europe in particular, the people who have gold teeth are demonstrating the tremendous level of wealth that they have accumulated.  It had been documented that years ago, dental problems had also been more of a common issue in those parts of the world.

People, however, will be able to enjoy gold teeth, whether they live in Charlotte NC or Tajikistan.